SAER’s musical journey began in a home filled with instruments and music. Inspired by his brother’s guitar playing, his mother’s piano skills, and a collection of Beatles LPs, he started classical training at the age of 4. In secondary school, he found like-minded musicians and began writing and creating music, recording demos on 4-track recorders. His musical tastes evolved over time, moving from classical to jazz, experimenting with fusion, and finding roots in folk music. Despite a setback when his piano teacher lost a finger, SAER continued to develop his skills, playing by ear, a talent inherited from his grandfather. A personal loss in 2015 led SAER to question his worth as a songwriter, stalling his creativity. His return to songwriting was marked by the track “Start a Fire,” a pivotal piece written during a difficult time coming to terms with his father’s passing. SAER’s solo performances gained recognition, leading to his appearance on The Voice, a moment he describes as having nothing to lose. He was overwhelmed by the nation’s response. Looking ahead, SAER aims to continue exercising his creativity and navigating life’s challenges through song. He hopes to establish SAER as an artist with a wider reach and create more tunes that connect with people on a deeper level. His goals include building his fan base, expanding industry contacts, and getting his music synced on a movie or TV show. The name SAER, found by Simon on a journey to London, resonates with his Welsh roots and the word’s meaning “carpenter,” reflecting his hands-on and crafted approach to musical creation.